We want you to design your own leaflets so you can achieve the results you want and at flyers-printing we make it much easier for you. Just follow our simple artwork guidelines and note what files are accepted and your half way there!

   If you should require some assistance, please drop our art team an email, they will be happy to help!

What types of files are accepted?

We accept the following files. Please contact us for details before uploading unlisted file type.
Adobe Acrobat Document (*.pdf, before creating PDF files, please create outlines for all the fonts, or include the fonts you used in the artwrok)
Adobe Illustrator Artwork  (*.ai, please transfer texts into paths (create outlines))
Adobe Photoshop Image (*.psd, fonts must be included) 
Adobe Indesign (*.indd, please transfer texts into paths (create outlines))
Corel Draw! (*.cdr, please transfer texts into paths (create outlines))
Macromedia Fireworks (*.png, fonts must be included)
Macromedia Freehand (Please transfer texts into paths (create outlines))
Microsoft Publisher (*.pub,  fonts must be included for designs typeset in Publisher)
JPEG Image (*.jpg,*.jpeg)
TIFF Image Document (*.tif)



Artwork guildlines.

  • The resolution of your artworks should at least be 300dpi (300 pixels per INCH or 118 pixels per CM) to create high quality printing matters.  If your image contains small texts, we suggest you use higher resolution artwork up to 600dpi.
  • Before creating PDF files, please create outlines for all the fonts, or embed the TrueType TTF fonts you used in the artwork, as we do not print directly from the PDF files)
  • Texts in image files (JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG) will not be printed as sharp as other formats with text layers like Corel Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF, Freehand, Indesign... We suggest you send us your source files with texts layers to us to get better printing result.  If you do not have the source files, please use higher resolution artwork up to 600dpi.
  • If you have used special fonts (or Mac fonts), please send the TrueType TTF font files to us as well, to avoid any font problems, please transfer the texts into vector paths (create outlines).

   We at flyers-printing want you to achieve the very best results with your flyers, we understand how frustrating it can be to produce something that is less than perfect, so we want to help you attain perfect flyer results every time.

   Just by following a few simple steps can assure you of a great flyer, after all we do our part in printing in great quality, vivid true colour and at super low prices.

   First rule of thought is not to rush the design, think clearly of what message you want your flyer to convey or promote.

   If you are using photographs, make sure of the clarity and sharpness of the photographs, ensure the required resolution this is a must for any type of printing.

   Check and double check all your details and information is correct on your business flyers. Proofing is the key, read and re-read through, ask someone to check it again for you, this is an important factor, how many times people miss out a digit on a phone number, which is so vital…

   Spelling, marketing material that is spelt badly is a disaster this can also be very embarrassing and be very costly if a re-print was required. (use spelling & grammar checker available on your computer)

   So let’s try to avoid any pitfalls, by checking and double checking, also check closely the guidelines for the artwork files, any help or guidance is available on this website and you can contact our art team directly!
We want you to produce the most perfect flyers, so please contact us if you are unsure about anything!

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